Little Chef refurbishment project

Refurbishment Project for Euro Garages

After a deal was closed in 2017, the leading roadside retail operator, Euro Garages, acquired the Little Chef chain of roadside restaurants from Kout Food Group. KB Maintenance have been supporting Euro Garages with the refurbishment project of the old “Little Chefs” that we all remember, which are no more.

We gave this particular property in St Leonards a new look and some well-needed modernization! Changing the entrance to the Travelodge to remove the Little Chef branding made a world of difference to the building. Our careful and efficient painting services can help local businesses achieve the exact look they want and need, making a big impact without a big price tag! Just a few little bits left to do then finished, until the next one..

Here are just a few images of our quality contract work:

Travelodge refurbished corridor
St Leonards refurbished building
Refurbished entranceway

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